Saturday, August 6, 2016

An Enjoyable Day With Hubby

Today I woke early, even when I really was hoping to sleep in. No such luck. Oh, well.

We headed to the casino, then stopped to visit mom and dad. We were telling dad what he needed to do to get a better breathing machine. He didn't want to hear it, but we told him. Mom and dad started "bickering" and we decided to leave. lol - It's been rough on mom, she's having to drink more water and her butt is tired of sitting. She is moving around so well, it's great.

We stopped and picked up some chocolate to take to the movies. We still had time before we needed to be at the theater. So, we stopped in at Big 5. I wanted to just look at the shoes, but ended up buying a pair of shoes. I was really surprised that Patrick wanted me to try on a couple pairs.

After the theater, we went out to Arby's for supper. We had some coupons, so it was a "cheap" date. (laughing) I do enjoy it when we don't spend a lot of money on our adventures.

I forgot to post this the other day when the family went to the Veteran's Museum to honor the men in our family. Patrick (my hubby) didn't think he deserved this honor, but we believe he did.

These are the ones we honored, my brother, Chris, my father, Patrick (hubby), and brother Patrick. They were by the plaque that has their names. (Between Chris and dad)

I've been working on this. It's coming along. I can't wait to get to the bottom.

This was before the other photo. Not getting as much done on it as I would like. I've been keeping way to busy.

I need to frame my Brazilian embroidery and have it ready for the fair. I need to go get Pat's stuff for the fair and then I can take them all on Wednesday. It's coming way to fast. Not too sure I'm ready, but that's just the way it is.

I'm hoping to do more quilting this week. It would be nice if I could get the quilt downstairs off the frame and finish it up. Happy Quilting!


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