Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another Good Day!

Had our walk in today. Helped Ruth get her fitbit back on track. Then came home to get moving on my game before heading downstairs.

I was able to get downstairs early enough today.

Worked on getting this area done.

Was able to get it done and ready to roll.

And then rolled it! I've got at least one more roll to do then can take it off the frame. Maybe, I'll have two more rolls. I need to get to the border and then I can pull it off the frame. It's coming along nicely and quicker then it was when I was trying to do the center. I have 4 more butterflies to do, then it will be done. I also have to figure out the quilting coming and going off the borders. I'm looking forward to going down there tomorrow to get some more stuff done.

I worked on it for 2 hours then came upstairs and worked on genealogy for another 3 hours. Once that was done, I got back to my laundry....folding all those wonderful clothes! After that, I was hoping to get some cross stitch in. I did, but not near as much as I was hoping. So, I'll do it later tonight. Added the family "Dugger" name to our tree. I'm getting there!

Instead, I baked a Rum Cake. I just put the frosting on it. Not sure how it will taste, but looking forward to finding out. It's for tomorrow, so no worries....had ice cream instead today! Had to have my ice cream on a warm day like today!

It's almost 7:30 pm and this is what we have outside - a Gorgeous day! Couldn't ask for anything better. Those are the steps Patrick worked on this last weekend. Love they way they turned out.

Life is good, and still Happy Quilting!

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