Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Days Are Getting Long....

Today Ruth and I took a shorter walk. I think we did about 1.5 miles instead of 2.5 miles.

I had to get moving and get ready for our QOV meeting. I was able to get everything together, and I even remembered to take sharp rotatory blades since two of my rotatory cutters were bad. I got my sewing machine I noticed a break in my table.

I wasn't too thrilled to see the break, but I did know it was coming. I was trying to keep it with the small crack, but somehow it broke even more. It was hanging there, so I broke it completely off. UGH, those things are so easy to break, so I can be thankful it's lasted me almost 20 years.

I drove over to the hospital to see mom. She was looking really good and talking every well. She wasn't in any pain. I stayed about an hour then went to see dad and my nephews family. They were all having breakfast. Then I headed up to Olympia.

I made it in time to get a place for my sewing machine by Donna. I started working on the half square triangles.

Worked on those the whole time I was there. Gave the stacks to Donna to work on getting a quilt made out of them. The half square triangles on the right are the ones that I'm doing for dads quilt. He even mentioned he hadn't gotten a quilt from QOV yet. I know he wants one, so I'm going to need to get moving on getting his done. The quilt that Donna and I did was done. She is going to have it go to a friend of hers. She's going to make another quilt for his wife. They will both be getting a quilt since they both served. And the gal requested a quilt through the website. http://www.qovf.org/

After the meeting and after sewing till 3:00 pm, I went back to the hospital to see mom. I stayed till about 4:45 pm and then came home. It's now time to work on my cross stitch since it hasn't been touched in over 3 days....killing me!! Tomorrow won't be any better, because mom is coming home and I have to go and make sure the house is ready for her. My older brother doesn't leave till Friday, so I will make sure they are prepared to keep the germs at bay.

Life is good, mom is doing fine, and I'm tired.....Happy Quilting!

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