Monday, August 1, 2016

Family Reunion and Mom's Surgery

We had an awesome family reunion. We all had a good time and all the older members told stories of growing up. Some had a hard time talking about those who were gone, and I was a little teary listening to them. It was a big full day. We cleaned up afterward as well. My brother Patrick did an awesome job of cooking. He smoked the butt pork roast. It was really good. Took a lot of videos of family. My older brother and all his family was there. The only two out of our family that was missing was Katt and Jason (the oldest of my older brother). Phil was awesome, he made 4 dishes of vegetarian food. They were great!

Alicia was working on this while she was here. She did an awesome job!

My cousin Mike and his son (with his son's friend) came and stayed at our house. My Uncle Bob and Aunt Dale came with another trunk load of "Christmas in July." I have boxes of Christmas stuff downstairs that I need to go through. She said there is a lot of glass in there too.

They stayed another day with us. Mike and the boys left yesterday and Uncle left today. We played "9's" while they were here.

Today I went to moms to get her to the hospital. I got there early. Mom was getting her stuff ready and waited till the last minute to take her shower. She dressed and we headed to the hospital at 10 to 11 am when she was due at 11am. They took her in about 11:10 am and told us it would be about 45 mins. It took 1 hr and 15 mins before we could go in. We waited another 2 hours before she went in for her surgery. Dad and I came here because I needed to get my robe for her. We had lunch here and then went back to their place to wait. I forgot my car keys at home so had to drive over to Patrick's work to get my spare key. I had to use dad's car. Couldn't believe took my keys home and then left them. Got back and dad was answering the phone. Then after a couple hours, the doctor called to say it was all good. We went to see her at 6 pm and she looked good but was sleeping. We decided to let her sleep. All is good and I think I'll be able to sleep tonight.

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