Monday, August 22, 2016

Life..Gets in the Way....

Today was the usual walk. A rush back to the house to get going for my dental appointment. About a half mile down the road my phone informed me I walked 3 miles in 24 minutes...blah, blah. So, pulled over and shut the program off.

Arrived at the dental office and played a few games. One of the gals there asked me where my project bag was. Told her I didn't bring it today. The look on the gals face that was doing my teeth was priceless! She didn't know what I was asked and I had to tell her. I always bring something I'm working on, like applique, embroidery or whatever I could take along.

After the dentist, I headed over to Rite Aid to see if I could get my toothbrush heads. They had them for $10....nope, didn't like that price, so headed to Kmart.....again $10....nope didn't like that even more....went to Walmart (and trust me, that was HARD for me to do!), sure enough they were there for $7.88. Since I was there, I decided to TRY to look around, nope!, couldn't find anything else other than the powder. Okay, time to go home.

Got home at 11:30 am and did laundry. Played Hay Day for a while. Then I went to the computer to get some information.....BIG MISTAKE! The computer is not starting like it's supposed to, so it was time to back up all my stuff from the computer in the computer room......UGH. I worked on balancing both checkbooks, backed up the two accounts. Then I went into the photos and went through them, grouping them and deleting what I didn't want. Once that was done, I put them all on the thumb drive that I bought for the photos. May fill that up yet!! Then I went into my genealogy program and backed that up....actually the first family took me 2 1/2 hours, now I'm backing up the other family files. (Still backing up). Next I have to get my secretary stuff of the computer onto a thumb drive, so I won't have to worry about it if the computer quiets. My nightmare is that I won't be able to get into the computer for my stuff.

Fixed supper and now I'm feeling like I didn't do a thing! I wanted to quilt and cross stitch today, but it didn't happen. No photos today....sorry. I did get my floss in today and that made my day!!

Tomorrow is casino and I'm looking forward to it. Hope to be back to Happy Quilting!

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