Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Love Having A Day to Myself!

This morning is the same as it's been for a long time. Walked 3 miles today. I'm okay with that! lol

Helped Ruth cut her net. She makes "scrubbies" and  always help with the cutting. We cut up 3 different colors - 9-10 yards each. She has plenty to roll for the next few days. I love her scribbies because they are easy to clean and work great on dishes!

Came home and enjoyed some time downstairs.

Was able to get some stitches in on the quilt. I'm getting that much closer.

Finished this butterfly the other day, but did add some stitches around it.

I was able to figure out what to do in the middle of this one. Next will be the other butterflies when I roll it. I'm getting to the part where I can roll it again. I may have to roll it two more times, but will wait and see if that is the case.

I enjoyed my time downstairs. Chatted with Donna via text today. Asked if she was ready to go on her cruise this Friday. We had a good chat going. She was done with the bolts of fabrics, but since I'm not going anywhere till Friday, told it it could wait till she gets back.

Next, I came upstairs. I didn't move very fast. I was going to work on the cross stitch but only got in about 20 minutes before Patrick got home.

This is my chart I'm working on. I'm doing the center 100 stitches right now, then will move done.

Loving the way this is coming along! I'm really having fun with my cross stitch. I will probably keep going with this till it done at this rate! I'm even thinking of do Santa next! It's hard to believe but I am really enjoying how relaxing it is and I am able to sleep at night lately. Except for last night when my snoring was driving me crazy! I had to get up and take an allergy pill to get me through the night! Couldn't believe it - and I really was tired!

Ordered my floss today. I'm waiting to see how much and getting it in the mail! I can't wait! Who knows, I may even look for another needleminder! lol

Life is good when I can get more than one project moving in one day! Always makes the day fun and easy....and keep me Happy Quilting!

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