Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mom's Home......

Today I went walking and got my 2.5 miles in today. It felt good to get back out and walk. Then came home to relax before going to get dad.

Dad called shortly after I got back home. He was wanting to know when I was coming. I told him I'd be leaving in a few minutes. My nephew called and said he has some photos for me. They were with mom. They were with mom while I went to the house to see if everything was ready for mom. I did some cleaning and got some hand lotion out of the bathrooms. Dad and I went to Walgreen's to get some stuff for mom.

We arrived at the hospital around noon. (My nephew and his family all said goodbye before we went.) Mom was eating. We waited on her, then they did the discharge stuff. We finally got her home at 2:30 pm. We had to stop and get her a bed piece where she can pull herself up off the bed. Dad and Chris are going to have to put that through the mattresses. I had to get some toilet set "extensions" for her. I was given 3 and took one back after we got the ones that worked.

One of mom's neighbors dropped off some food for them tonight. I decided at 3:30 it was time to come home. My brother was gone all day. Didn't get to see him. Came home and was so tired I actually laid down on the couch and got 20 mins sleep before Patrick got home.

Ruth's Tiger Lily's were awesome today!

Lots of birds on our walk today. Was able to get this photo today as well.

Now, I haven't been able to get much done at all....I'm looking forward to a day to myself tomorrow and getting some work done in my crafts!! Ethel is spending the day with mom tomorrow, so Im going to enjoy my day alone. Have no idea what my brother will be doing, so not sure if I will see him before he goes.

Looking forward.......forward......Happy Quilting!

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