Thursday, August 18, 2016

Not What Was Planned....Oh, Well.

Today I started out with our usual walk - tired of hearing that lately? - well Ruth will be leaving next week, so I'll back my record when she leaves for a couple weeks. In the meantime, I got 2.8 miles in today. I know - how do I know? - I have it going on my phone while I walk. It's neat! I see the trail I walk and it tells me how long it takes to get around. It varies because we walk funny!

Came back home and went downstairs a lot earlier than I did yesterday. I worked on the left side of the frame. I was able to get about a 3rd of it quilted.

Working it so it will end at the bottom. I'm liking the way it's coming out. I was down there for about 2 - 3 hours. Dad called and said he was going to be away from the house and asked if I would go visit mom. I told him I'd ask Patrick since he has my car. Decided I would take the truck (not my favorite to drive!) and go see mom about 2:30 pm.

I headed back upstairs and from lunch till I went to moms, I worked on my genealogy. I found some newspaper clippings on my gr grandfather, James M. Hodge. It was weird because there was a death notice of a James M. Hodge as well. Anyway, there was an awesome clipping of him being promoted to Lieutenant in the Civil War. I also found that he was a Republican and voted for Blaine! lol

Headed over to moms. She was looking awesome and doing a great job getting around. We visited for about an hour. I then headed over to Michael's to get some magnetic snaps, of course they didn't have them. So, I asked Patrick for a magnet. Didn't do what I wanted. But I've got something that will work.

The bolts (or screws) I'm using to hold the extra floss that is "parked." I order the magnets today, so when they come in I can get them to be on their own. Patrick was asking me how many needleminder's I needed....well....I have 4 needles going at once, so at least 2....he just shuck his head. I laughed...I tend to be different. I like to have things easier to work with.

I got a photo of my new great niece! Dalia Taylor was born last night! She's a cutie! She won't be shown on Facebook, and I told them, I'm okay with that! I don't do fb that much anymore either.

Okay, now I'm checking to see who actually reads this. lol - If anyone is interested in this pattern, I will send it to them. I will pick from all the names that are interested between here and Instagram. Send me an email saying your interested, and on Sept 1st I will pick the person who gets the pattern. It's not the kit, just the pattern.

Tomorrow is quilting with the group at moms. It will be fun and we'll all be Happy Quilting!

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