Friday, August 26, 2016

This Month is Going Fast!

Today I was up and over to Ruth's by 7 am. I ended up helping her with her Safeway page on the internet. I am always keeping up with the computer, when I end up helping family! We did get our 2.5 mile walk in today as well. Patrick was sleeping when I left, and gone when I got back. I worked on my Hay Day game and went downstairs to work on my quilt.

I worked on the quilt while Patrick was gone. He had a meeting today, otherwise he would have been home all day. He was home by 10 am and went to work out in the yard. While he was out there, I was downstairs getting my quilt done! I was able to roll it again.

One can see how much was rolled. I'm going to have to roll one more time but I'm thrilled this is so CLOSE to being done!! I will only have to quilt the borders and then bind it! I may actually get a quilt done this year! I love the way it's coming out.

I love the flowers on the deck. The fusha looks great.

Instagram friends where asking where we all work on our stitching. I took a photo of the mess! I have the coffee table full of my tools! I clean it up off and on, like the table downstairs - so everyone can figure out how that works.

I have the trash handy and a light that I love. It's bright and is not an ott light. I like this one better than the ott light. Again - a mess.

I've been getting quite a bit done on the cross stitch. It's not anywhere near 3/4 of the way done. I d like the work. I've been working on the upper dark area, and that has been getting me confused from time to time because of how close each of the red colors are! But it's working so far.

Patrick took me out for the afternoon and then we went out to eat. It was nice to get home and work on my cross stitch.

We are looking forward to seeing more done on the quilt and cross stitch! Happy Stitching!

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