Sunday, August 21, 2016

Time Flies, Still Quilting.......

This morning I was able to sleep in, felt good.

I was able to quilt on the quilt downstairs for a couple hours. It was nice to see the process. It's coming along great. I'm having to figure out the trails from the bottom of the quilt. No photo today.

Came up and enjoyed a good day with Patrick. We watched a couple disney movies.

I got a lot of time in working on my cross stitch today. It's getting to the skirt and background.

Tomorrow's my dental appointment, ugh! Will try and get more quilting in when I get back.

Went to the fair and got Donna's quilts, and Pat and mine embroidery. The mumms one got a red. They docked me for the pencil marks on the project. (My mistake, used the wrong pencil). My flowers (first one) got a blue ribbon. The quilts of valor quilt got a blue ribbon. Was docked for a few things. I need to take aphoto of it before I give it to Donna.

Life is good, may we all be Happy Quilting!


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