Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trip to the Threashing Bee in Toledo

Today I woke to find Patrick on the couch. Guess I kept him up. Oh, well. He went back to bed, and I played for awhile.

Phil was coming over, but then that fell through. We decided to go to "Threashing Bee" in Toledo WA. It was a lot of fun seeing the different kind of machines that were out there. One even reminded me of the time we were in ND with dad's family. I got a ride on the tractor they had at the time.

And of course I found a couple quilts there too. This one was hanging to help keep the heat off the people at the station. It was machine appliqued.

They were sawing this log in pieces to go in the machine that was pulling the wheat.

This fire truck was great! It's in awesome shape.

Patrick waiting on me to take a photo! lol - This was a long row of tractors.

Really liked this one.

One end of the threasher machine.

This was awesome to see! They were working pretty hard.

We had a good time. I even clocked our walk and we did a little over 1 mile. 

We came home for about a half hour, and I worked on my cross stitch. Then we went to the movies. We saw "Florence Foster Jenkins." It was pretty good. I did enjoy it. 

Came home and worked on my cross stitch again. So far I've gotten 200-300 stitches. I am getting into the lacy area of the dress. I haven't taken a photo yet, so it will be posted tomorrow with a lot of progress done. 

Enjoying a fun Saturday is awesome! We had a good day and I'm still getting stuff done. Happy Quilting!

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