Friday, November 4, 2016

Quilting Day...Didn't Get To Quilt!

Today I was up early, and over to the neighbors. She hadn't eaten, so I had to wait for her to have breakfast. Then we walked a mile. I was done by 9:50 am (went over at 8:15). So, at that point I was late. Called mom and told her I would be on my way. Was asked to pick up guacamole on top of stopping at Micheal's to get 4 more tubs.

I was out the door and headed to Safeway. Got the guacamole and some other things. Then headed to Micheal's and picked up some DMC floss for the "Tree" I'm going to do next and the tubs. Arrived at moms around 10:50 am. Bev decided she was keeping her 4 tubs. Gave Judy, mom and Ethel a tub, because I wanted another one. I checked with Nancy and she wanted one, and then decided she wanted two. Means I needed to go back. We had lunch early because mom had to take her client to Olympia to see the doctor. After lunch everyone decided they were done and left. So, I was left behind to clean everything up. I ONLY got to baste two wings on the next block. Didn't get to set longer than 10 mins!

After cleaning up, I went back to Micheal's and got two more tubs. I'll take them to mom's and have her give them to Nancy. The other gal in our group thought I was giving them away. Told her, no, I was getting paid back for. Today "only" was a 50% off day for the tubs.

Came home and emptied the case and filled the tub. I put all my stuff that I have at my chair in there. It made my end table look really clean. Even Patrick was surprised I cleaned up my mess.

Printed out my "Part 3" of my SAL.

So I started on it. I'm going to work on it tonight and see if I can get it done.

Cooked fried rice for Katt. She got in around 7 pm. It's good to see her.

Yesterday I worked on the Brazilian embroidery - still have more to do on that. I haven't had a chance to get back to my cross stitch.

This is as far as I have it.

So, life is getting in the way...I need to figure out what I can work on while LIFE has it's ups and downs.

I'm still stitching and that's all that matters right now....Happy Quilting!

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