Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Party Day.

Today was a day I could sleep in for about 30 mins more than usual. We had snow.

We had just enough to make it look pretty.

I walked over to the neighbors and helped her with her socks. Then came home and gave Kitty TLC. I had to leave shortly there after for our Christmas party at Cil's house.

I had thought I wouldn't go, but I decide to go after all.

We had a potluck. This is only part of the food we had. It was in the "Brunch" theme. So by the time it was supper time, I was not hungry. We had an awesome time. Chatting and laughing. We even talked about what was going on in ND, where Cil was around Thanksgiving. Protesters are more of a problem then anything else. They don't even know what they are protesting about to be truthful.

Sis had given this gift. Teri won this, but it's awesome! It's a binding holder for when one does the binding! It's so cute. Check out the other ones at Doohikey. I love this idea!!

I was back home by 2:30 pm and enjoyed a few minutes with Kitty. There were 4 boxes at our door today. So, I'm going to guess all the Christmas gifts are in now. I wrapped Patrick's gift and put them under the tree.

I received my cross stitch pattern and beads - sort of - I order the beads to go with the Roses of Provence pattern and received another pattern and the beads to go with my Roses pattern.

Contacted the seller to see if she'll send me the right one. I am willing to buy the pattern she sent, but don't know what will happen. It's a waiting game.

My SAL pattern is waiting on me to go get it. Will do that next.

Watching the Seahawks play and those green uniforms look like PJ's. Not sure what the person was thinking when they designed those! I can wish we do good, otherwise I might think it was the bright uniforms that made them loose - IF THEY LOOSE!

Had a great time with wonderful friends I haven't seen in over 2 months. I enjoyed my time with them all! Happy Quilting!

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