Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Making Candy with Family

This morning I was up at 6 am. Even Patrick wondered why I was up before him. It was one of those days that my brain started off on the day....waking me up way too early!

I was getting ready to go to the neighbors and she called to tell me she needed me to wait about 45 mins. I did, then went over. That put me a little behind, but oh, well. I went over and we had tea and some bread she made. It was awesome! We chatted for about an hour.

Then I headed out to the bank, Starbucks, and then mom and dads. Once I got there, we got started on making fudge and brittle. My sister-in-law wanted to know why we were cooking it when the microwave was quicker and easier. I told her we have a family recipe that we use and it's cooked. She still couldn't figure out why we didn't do it through the microwave. We made three batches of fudge, one without nuts, one with walnuts, and one that was peanut butter. We made two batches of brittle. My brother's family was wanting the brittle. lol

Came home around 3 pm. Had to take one of mom packages to the post office for a return.

Enjoyed some time with the cat.

My package of Patrick's gift arrived today! After all that I was going through with them, it arrived!! I couldn't believe it, since I talked to the guy yesterday about getting it solved. I just hope another one doesn't show up!

My pattern and beads showed up as well. The pattern is the one I wanted last time but got the pattern of the one the bead belong to. Now I have both patterns and beads to go with them. Weird now, because I could have bought the beads that were Felicia's for the patterns and pay less for them.

I got a text that my container was on it's way. I bought a container for my cross stitch floss. I want them all in one place and I can empty my three boxes. I'm looking forward to having all my floss in one place!

We went bowling tonight and had our Christmas Party of potluck and exchanging gifts. We had to get a strike to get our gift.....well, didn't strike till the first frame on the third game. When the gifts where down to 5, I told one of the bowlers daughter to pick 2 of the gifts and bring them to the table for two of us to pick from. The other gal was on the other time, and she has a 87 average. I told her we would work on getting a strike and then we can open one of the gifts. So, the two gifts sat at the counter till I got my strike. I told (Kim) to pick the gift she wanted and I'd take the other one. I got a scented candle, chocolates, and a pair of fussy socks. Even though I didn't get a strike till the third game, I bowled a 164, 168, 187. Which saved my average from going up or down. Potluck was good and there were plenty of food. There was also a LOT of kids running around. Seems a few people decided to bring their families to the potluck as well.

Tomorrow is another day......Happy Stitching!

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