Saturday, December 3, 2016

Miss Kitty is Missing

Today I was up early. No cat in sight. I went to the neighbors like I always do. Then came home and Patrick and I went to the casino. Patrick was doing pretty good. Can't say the same for me. He beat me 10 bonus' to my 1.

We came home and it looked like Miss Kitty might have been here to eat. I called and called, but she didn't come. Not sure if it's because I wasn't here yesterday or what. I'm getting very worried about her. I miss her!

Mom and dad called to say supper was at their house. They got back around 2 pm today. They had a good trip back. Then ended up staying another night, because dad had to stay overnight.

We went over to my folks. My brother and sister-in-law cooked supper. It was really good. We had shrimp. Came home around 7:30 pm - no sign of Miss Kitty. I played on the tablet. Did my exercises and now I'm going to pull out my floss and try to get a couple more done. I'll try to work on my cross stitch tomorrow. I hope Miss Kitty comes around in the morning. She did leave us a gift, and I washed her bed. We'll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Happy Quilting!

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