Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Day of Visiting!

Today I was up and ready to go early. Got up with Patrick this morning. Enjoyed a few minutes and then went to the neighbors.

Came home and got my stuff ready for QOV meeting in Olympia. I wasn't planning on staying long as I wanted to stop in on the folks. I got behind this morning because I had to print out my HAED pattern (cross stitch). I was trying to decide what I was going to do. I needed 25 ct fabric and would order it later today.

We had a great meeting. I took the quilt that I finished the binding on. Forgot to take a photo. Gave the quilt back to Donna after I put the label on the quilt. I was there till about 12:45 pm when the rest of them were going out to eat. I got the crackers I had in the car instead.

On my way home I stopped at Dian Keeper's house. I wanted to visit with her and Bill. They have been family friends for years. I wanted to see if Dian could quilt dad's QOV quilt when Judy is done with it. We talked about it but she's not able to quilt it. She really wanted to but her quilt room is FULL of sewing machines.

At least Kitty enjoyed the quilt that I finished today! I had it washed and ready to go this morning.

Stopped off at the folks. Dad was sleeping and didn't know I was there. Talked to mom about getting the quilt quilted. She said she would pay to have it quilted by Kathleen Ament. I told her I wasn't worried about that, just need to have it done.

Came home and relaxed. I was falling asleep in my chair just before Patrick got home. I'm going to get moving on the next quilt. I may wait a couple days before I do it. I need to cut some circles out and applique them to the quilt top Donna gave me awhile back. Donna was laughing at me, because I forgot why I had the quilt top and who gave it to me. I hope to have it done for the next meeting. Will let Donna know and see if we can get it ready for quilting. Or at least give it to the gal that made it.

Busy day, and yet not so busy. Enjoyed being with friends. Tomorrow and the rest of the week, I'm going to enjoy being home!

Best wishes! Happy Quilting!

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