Monday, January 30, 2017

A Day With Friends and Embroidery

Today was a slow day. I was up with Patrick. I realized last night that I lost my fitbit off my wrist. So, now I have no tracking on my step. I can give myself a pat on the back because I actually had it for almost 2 years. Plus I think they said it goes bad between a year and two years. Guess I got what I needed out of it. Not sure I want to get another one right away.

I enjoyed some time with Kitty this morning. She was so jittery, that I think she wanted to play but didn't realize it. I let her out and then she meowed at the door - with a mouse! So, we have a dead mouse at out back door! ugh

I headed over to our BE meeting. We all enjoyed our time. There were a couple times when a few people got miffed. They wanted to buy all of Felicia's floss and we didn't want to sell it to one person because there was a lot of floss. So, two of them decided they didn't want to talk about it or have anything to do with it. Mainly because they couldn't buy all of it. The group bought it for all of us to share. They didn't like that either. Oh, well.

I did find out the reason this is called Brazilian embroidery is because of the floss that is used to make the design. I thought that was interesting.

I worked on the stump of this. I figured I needed to get the stump done before I finished the board with the food.

I came home and put more stuff on eBay. I just sold one of my cross stitch patterns. I hope I sell more. I should have added the shipping but I wasn't thinking when I got the email asking if I would list as "buy it now." I'll try and think that through next time. lol

I baked another zucchini chocolate chip cake. Now I just need to get working on my cross stitch or something! I seem to be side tracked today.

Laundry needed some work, but I was so busy listing my cross stitch stuff that I didn't get u one load done. UGH. I'm really good at that, think one another....oh, yah, don't forget to do this too...oh, crap the day is gone!

I'll work on it. Happy Stitching!

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