Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another Friend is Gone.....

Today started out with the thought of going bowling. I was showered and ready to go. I spent the morning with Kitty before heading over to the neighbors. I did get a text saying the weather was so bad that we wouldn't be going to Longview for bowling. I was looking forward to it, but then I was kinda happy we weren't going.

After Patrick got up, we started cleaning more. We had taken the tree down and put all the Christmas stuff away yesterday. We had a few things out on the table from yesterday. Patrick was going to do all the cleaning up while I was bowling, but since I didn't have to bowl, I helped out. lol We got the house back in order. We move a few things around. Patrick took the wrapping off the photos.

I worked on my block while we watched Green Bay win! Now Patrick has two teams in the finals.

I am basting the black down now, then I'll work on the applique part. I have yellow that will go on the butterflies when the black is down. It's taking longer than I expected. But then I've been stalling when I can. I did get a lot done today, and was hoping I'd have it done by now. But there are a lot more pieces to it then I realized.

We then went bowling. My son's best friend told us his mother passed away on Tuesday and he went to his father's funeral on Friday. I couldn't help but cry! Judy was an awesome person! She retired and was helping by volunteering in the area. She was like a second mom to Phil at times. We told Dan he is now our son! He can come anytime. He's my boy now! He's so special to me and my heart goes out to him! He has a sister that is my daughter's age, but don't think they are close. He was so close to his mother, that I hope I can fill her shoes! I just saw her last week at the bowling alley......and tonight was hard on Dan because he was bowling his mother's team tonight. We all kept him busy and talking about other things to keep him going. She was our age too! This is way too hard on our family. Patrick will tell Katt tomorrow.

I bowled a 180, 189, and 147....not my best but I did better. We'll see what next week brings.

Praying for my boy! and staying Happy Quilting!

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