Monday, January 2, 2017

Day of Brazilian Embroidery and ER

This morning I wasn't able to sleep in because of our meeting. I took care of the neighbors compression socks, and loaded the car with bead magazines. Before going to the neighbors, I made the cherry crescents that Patrick likes.

I headed over to our Brazilian embroidery meeting. As I was half way there, I realized I forgot my cell phone with my wallet. I figured I could get back home okay without needing it. But we all know the old saying, "when you forget the phone, that's when your needed." In this case it was true. About noon time Patrick walked in at the meeting and handed me the phone. Then told me dad was in the ER and I needed to get going.

I was able to get some stitching done on the post. The bird feeder is coming to life. Think I will finish it up before I finish the birds. It's coming along.

We ended up in the ER with dad. Mom stayed home because she was sick. The ambulance took dad in, so we arrived and went to his room as soon as we got there. Dad ended up with the flu, so we were given masks as soon as they figured it out. We walked around with a mask on while there. Had had a mask on when we got there. They gave him a mask as we were leaving. We had to stop at the pharmacy before leaving  (at 4 pm).

We got home at 4:30 pm and I got supper going. After supper I got on the computer to get a few things that w talked about. I didn't purchase them yet, as I'm waiting on my money to be transferred to the gift cards. Once that comes through, I'm ready to hit "buy."

Made my sourdough bread today. It raised while we were in the ER, and I had to reshape them when we got home. I should have just cooked it after the first rise. I'll do that tomorrow with the other dough in the frig. I also need to refresh the sourdough tomorrow, so will put another bread dough in the refrigerator.

So, all in all, today I was lucky to get what I did done. I am going to start back at finishing the first quilt for QOV tomorrow and get it in the wash! I need to get moving!!

In the meantime - Happy Quilting!

Family Is Starting To Arrive

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