Friday, January 20, 2017

Getting Back to UFO's or WIP's

Today started out early. I got up and let Kitty in. She was awful chatting about me taking too long. Oh, well. We walked over to the neighbors. I'm surprised at how close she is when we walk. You'd think she had a lease on!

We came home and I got the sourdough out of the refrigerator. I baked the bread, but forgot to turn the heat down when I took the lid off. Which got really close to burning it. It did have the smell of burning but it turned out "okay." I was chatting with Phil about the bread. Since we had one that I baked yesterday, I need to give it away. lol So, I told him I'd bring it to him if he wanted it. Said he would take it. I also took over part of yesterday's bread in case the one from today was really bad. I had him cut it when I brought it. It actually looked good inside. It was soft and looked great. So, the crust will be a little crusty - which he can cut off.

Came home and Patrick called to say he was on his way home. We went to the casino for something to do. We didn't stay long. Then we came back and went to the store.

I had made a roll cake that didn't turn out right. So, we needed to go shopping to get my spice for it. I used the last of what we had. I'm going to remake it tonight. We picked up a few extra things. I need to get baking on his cake for his Birthday. We are going to go out to eat tomorrow for his Birthday, even though his Birthday isn't till Wednesday. We'll be bowling then, so I need to think of something for his Birthday.

This is the quilt that Donna made for QOV. I was binding it the last few days. So, this is done. I won't count this as one of my finished because I didn't do anything but stitch down the binding.

I love the quilting around the bottom that has the words, "respect," "thank you," "honor," and a few other words. It came out perfect. This will go to some deserving soldier. I'm glad I was able to help with it.

I couldn't leave her along too much longer. I know I have the circles to put on the other quilt top, but I just had to work on this! I finished 200 stitches since I took a photo of this. I'm going to be working on it tonight. I'm hoping to get her hand with flowers done tonight. Then I can get started on her face.

We're doing good! Life is good - so far. Mom called and I'm going to go to her house on Wednesday. She wants to take all those pillow cases that grandmother, great grandmother, and great-great grandmother made and make them into a quilt. There are enough for a couple quilts. She doesn't have a pattern, so who knows what we will do. I'm going to do research and see if anyone else did a quilt out of them. Should be interesting. Hate to cut them up, but no one is using them and they just sit in a closet, not ever being used. This way we can enjoy them.

Best wishes to all! Happy Quilting!

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