Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Woke Up to SNOW!

Today I was up right after Patrick left. I was relaxing a little before letting Kitty in.

We enjoyed a few minutes together before going to the neighbors.

My walking partner.

On the way home I lost Kitty. She didn't follow me back and I wondered what happened to her because she was meowing at the door telling me it was time to go. When I opened the door she was gone.

Came home and started working on my challenge piece.

I worked it over to the page I needed to work on. I did get 7 stitches in before I had to quit. I needed a couple more colors to work on it, so I got my list ready.

Phil called to say Emily was back in the hospital, so went to spend a little time with my grand doggie. She enjoyed my visit. Then found out we needed to go back and get her for the night. She whined the whole way to the house. It was funny!! Now she's here and I had to put Kitty in the garage. Don't know who they will get along tomorrow morning but we'll find out when Kitty comes in.

I worked on the baby afghan that I started last night. The funny part about all that is that I didn't get a photo of what I'm doing! I have about 6" done so far and yet, I don't have a photo. I seem to remember photos of everything else but that. Go figure.

It snowed all day.

Our tree in the front yard.

Our bamboo tree.

Our back yard. Full of snow. I was happy with the thought I wasn't going anywhere today but then went to check on my grand doggie.

Bowling was cancelled. So, we went to Micheal's to get me the floss I needed. They had all but 2 of them. Patrick waited out in the car. I had a coupon for 30% off which was nice, since I needed about 20 more floss. Then we went to pick up our grand doggie.

Now we're home and I'm getting back to working on the afghan before the night is over.

Best wishes, and my we all be Happy Stitching!

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