Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Day at the Casino

This morning I was up and off to Art's house. He heated up some sausage sandwiches for breakfast. After we finished eating, we head to Red Wind casino in Yelm.

While there, I was able to play off the $13 free play I get. I played on it for an hour. Then I used the money I count on to play with. I got it down pretty low before lunch. Then after lunch I figured it was gone and I'd just play on one machine till it was gone. That didn't happen! I got it up to $80 and moved on. I cashed it out at $75. Then I took $20 to play with and doubled that. While I waited on Art, I put $5 in the machine and cashed out at $140. We checked our Keno tickets and I won $107. That was a shock! I couldn't believe it. I thought I'd be going home with no money and ended up coming home with more money then I thought!

Mom called while I was out. She left a message that she had a quilt rack for me. I stopped in when I got back from the casino. It's a pretty rack and I'm going to have to have Patrick put it together. If we need to fix it, we will. I hope it will work!

Now I'm getting caught up on my games, and ready to get back to cross stitch. I did get the penguin done, and started to work on the one that is at the toes area. I'm hoping to get quiet a bit done tonight. Withdrawal if I don't! lol

Best wishes and Happy Stitching!

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