Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An Awesome Day of Stitching!

Today started out later then I usually start. Woke with a headache. No fun. But made it through the day.

I got laundry going. Then turned on the Hallmark channel and watched some good TV shows. If I actually worked on my stitching instead of gaming, I would really get a lot done!

Heyhey came in and out. She wanted TLC time and then would leave. Next thing she wanted back in for more TLC.

I was able to get the scarf done to this point! I also loved starting on the penguin. I'm having fun working it on it. The sparkly floss is a pain at times. I ended up taking some of my stitches out when the sparkly floss was messed up. I've been trying to keep the flosses together so I don't have to back up on my stitches. I found that I enjoy working with the floss. It gives it a cool look.

We went bowling tonight and I bowled a 181, 210, 142. Not one of my better finishes. We lost 2 games and won 2 games. We lost total by about 10 pins. Oh, well. Patrick beat me in series by 10 pins. I beat him the first two games, but he kicked my rear on the third game.

I hope you had an awesome day of Happy Quilting or Happy Stitching!

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