Thursday, April 6, 2017

Being A Good Neighbor

This morning I was up with Patrick. He left and I enjoyed time with Heyhey. We sat for about an hour and a half. Then I had to go.

I got my eagle background cut. I cut 2 pieces for both the eagles.

Before heading to the shop, I stopped to see how Ruth was doing. I worked on her computer, but it didn't help. Told her I would stop back on my way home.

I thought today was a quilting day at the shop. I got to the shop and realized no one was there. I was the first to arrive at Whalen Quilt Works this morning. Today was the BOM day. Quilting is next week. I did get an enjoyable conversation in with Rita before it started to get busy. I asked her to check on getting me some 32 ct fabric for cross stitching. If she can get me a bolt of white (at a decent price), I can dye my own fabrics. I have dyes for cotton and fabric.

I then thought about what I wanted for lunch.....a BLIZZARD! So, I went over to Dairy Queen in Centralia, got 2 Blizzards - one for me and one for Patrick. Called Patrick and told him to meet me outside in 10 mins. I arrived there, gave him a Blizzard, and started out. As I was leaving I realized I gave him the wrong one. So, I turned around and he met me again outside. Looking at me like I'm crazy. Told him I gave him the wrong one. He didn't have the first one and wanted to know what I wanted him to do about it. I told him to just put one in the freezer. He could have it later.......on the way home I realized I was the one that was hungry for a Blizzard and he ended up with not only his, but mine. I texted and told him that. So, no Blizzard for me.

Then I got home and had lunch. After I ate my lunch, I was headed down to Ruth's. I ran into another neighbor who wanted to chat. We ended up chatting a good half hour or more. I then went to Ruth's. She was still having trouble. So, I called (because her ear drums were damaged) and checked on the connection. Come to find out she is DSL and the connection isn't very high. We ended up hanging up on the call because they told me to plug the box into a different area. Well, when you unplug the phone it goes dead. So, what we found out was that DirectTV doesn't do the internet, Century Link is her Wifi. It's a peace of crap! They don't have the connection out this way....weird! Comcast has all the cables out here but they don't. So, she pays way too much for the internet considering what she gets. I was there about an hour and a half.

Then it was time to come back and see what I could do before going with Cherrill to her eye doctors. She asked me to go with her encase she couldn't drive home.

Heyhey walked over to her house with me. We were at the eye doctors for about an hour and then some. Patrick got home before we did and her appointment was at 3:30 pm. I couldn't believe how much I wanted to sleep while I waited.

Got back and Heyhey was waiting for me at Cherrill's house. She walked back home with me. Even Patrick saw her walking side by side with me. Fixed supper and played on my tablet.

Now it night time and I'm going through withdrawal!, I will sit and see if I can get more done on the cross stitch. I really want to work on it. I did get the next part of the SAL cross stitch piece and I will work on it later. Right now I want to work on the penguins!

Enjoyed helping neighbors, and ready to enjoy a night of stitching! Happy Quilting and/or Happy Stitching!

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