Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bowling Season Over.....

Today I was up early. Wanted to sleep more but couldn't. Went to my neighbors and she had already put on her other socks. So,we chatted instead.

Came back home and played more games. Patrick and I then went to Safeway for shopping. We did pretty good. Got 64 of the monopoly tickets, but none won. I have some stuff to enter in the computer to see if I won anything. Chances are I didn't.

I was tired earlier, and took a nap. That nap was short but it did help. Then it was time to go bowling. We had a pot luck. I was surprised at how little food there was. Members of the league brought their children with them. Of course those were the first ones in line as well.

We had "fun night" which is 9 pin no tap and monty carlo in one game. That means if we bowl a 9 pin, and we have a colored pin in the right place, then we win money. Like when the red pin is in front, that would be a $1. I made $12 and Patrick wasn't on tonight. He only got $5.

I bowled a 266, 202, 177. Kinda ran out of steam. Plus the 10th frame I bowled my first ball between my legs. I only got 1 pin, and didn't pick them all up! lol It was fun! We have one more fun night in a couple weeks.

Yesterday I was able to get part of the third penguin done. I haven't done much lately on it, and hoping to get more done tomorrow. I have my two projects ready for the cruise. I'm getting there.

I will work on showing my finished pieces that were framed. I had three back yesterday and sent two more off to be framed. I'm looking forward to seeing who the other two come out. One is Nantucket Rose and I hope she's going look great with the frame we picked.

In the mean time - Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

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