Friday, April 7, 2017

Friends, Applique, and Cross Stitch!

Another day of sleeping in. I'm really getting bad. I either over sleep or I can't sleep at all. Wish there was something in-between.

The wind has been blowing all day! Tree limbs are all over the yard. We didn't get big branches on the ground (thanks to Patrick trimming). I really didn't want to go out in it, but figured mom wouldn't be too thrilled with me if I didn't go. I called and said the wind was blowing here, and she came back with, "It's blowing here too, but we don't have the big trees to worry about." In other words, 'Get your butt over here.'

I started over to their house and realized I forgot my wallet. Turned around and came back home. Lots of branches on the road. Then went back on my way to moms. We had a good turn out.

I finally got the eagle wings down and started appliqueing them down. I have the left side wings done. I have the right side wings ready to be appliqued. I glued the wing down on the right side because pinning just doesn't work for big applique pieces. I will do the other set of wings as well. I need to work on the arrows for both. I'll do that a little later.

We all left after lunch. Three of our members power was out, so it was nice to spend time at mom's where the power wasn't a problem.

I got home and Patrick was working out in the garage. So....I did what I love doing in the afternoon! I turned on my saved shows. One was "Who Do You Think You Are?" The one was Jessica - Parker. She had HODGE in her family tree. I was so attentive! Her HODGE family came from OH and Boston. She had 3 lines of John HODGE! Her first John Hodge was John S. Trouble is, I don't know where or if we care connected. BUT I am thinking there is a small chance we are related. Have more work to do on the tree to find out.

So, in the little time I was able to work on this, I did get quiet a bit done. I did have to fix the fin on the penguin because I missed a few stitches. So, I took out about 20 stitches to get it back on track. Once this is done and the back stitching gets started, it will really be cute!

We went out to dinner tonight. We were talking about our cruise in May. I think I'm going to have to think of things to say while I'm gone and have them on a timer to post. Not sure what I will chat about, since I usually do a day to day activity. I'll think of something. I may post the different things I need to finish or where I am on them. That might be what I'll do. Write something about my different projects.

Life is good, may we all be Happy Quilting and Happy Stitching!

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