Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Not My Day....Kinda Day

This morning Patrick was gone before 6 am. I slept till 7:30 am. It felt good to get a good night sleep. Even though I went to bed at 10 pm, got up at 10:30 pm because I couldn't sleep. Then I worked on my cross stitch till 11:30 pm. I got quiet a bit done, which made me feel good.

I went to the neighbors, then I got a call from mom. She wanted to know when I was going over because the neighbor was having a garage sale and she wanted to go over. I told her to give me 30 mins. I was enjoying my time with Kitty, but got ready to leave. I was over at moms by 10 am. She got her stuff ready and told me what I needed to do while she was gone. They will be gone for about a month. So, I get stuck with what needs to be done while she's gone.

Then we went over to the neighbors garage sale. We bought a few things. I even bought a couple Easter decorations. I also bought some pots, and mom bought a lot more. She bought 2 Christmas Santas. Both movable. I loved them! Trouble is - I have plenty of Christmas stuff and don't have room for any more.

Came home around 2 pm. I stopped at A&W for a root beer float. That was pretty much my lunch! lol

I worked on laundry when I got home. I brought home some food that mom wanted to get rid of. So, I put that away.

My "Y" is coming into shape. I've used up one of my gloss floss bobbins. I have one left, but I may have to use my other gloss floss. I really don't want to have to buy more. If I do, I have to get it on line. No shops around here. A big PAIN!

We had bowling tonight. I bowled a 158, 183, 257. Got better as I went. Had a clean game the last game. We won 3 games. I beat Patrick in series by 18 pins. He actually was doing a lot better with a 203, 225 and then bombed on the third game. I think it was a 156. Can't remember the last game. Felt good to have another 200 game. One more week of bowling then we have a break and go back.

May is coming up and we are getting close to relaxing for the summer. Plus next month is our cruise!! Can't wait!

Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

Spending The Day With Mom

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