Monday, May 15, 2017

An Interesting Day of Hardanger

This morning I was up and ready to go. I went over to Cherrills to help her out and then came on back home.

I went downstairs and went through my magazines.

I wanted to find something for a baby and also a wedding announcement piece. I figure if Dan is getting married I could do an announcement and my great niece is almost a year old.

I then marked my piece of fabric for the "Hope" cross stitch that I'm taking with me.

While I was watching the flosstube stuff, I saw we had a #4 part to work on. So, I pulled it up and was starting to work on the piece when I figured I had done something wrong on the last piece. So, I took it out! I put it back in, took it back out, and put it back in....and that went on for several rounds.

I finally got it right and decided to give it a break before starting the part that goes around. I did get a few stitching in around the part I messed up...and messed up....and messed up....we get the picture! We'll see if I do more tomorrow or just wait and work on it another time.

I then decided to stitch more on the binding of the quilt. I now have about two feet to go and it's done. Then I'll put the label on the back. Once that's done, I'll wash it. Then I have to measure it. I'll do all that later. I know I'll have to wash it a few times.

I've been putting some stuff in the suit case to work on our trip. I should have it done soon. I'm still thinking about what I'll take with me. I need to do a dress or skirt that will work for the dress up day. I'm getting a little more excited about going.

Last night I didn't get much sleep because my mind was on the magazines and what I'll do for Dan and my nephew's baby. Funny how some ideas come to mind and then I'm off trying to get it done OR sweat over it till I do something about it.

Funny how weird I get....I think of something in the middle of the night and then I can't go back to sleep! So, I nap and wake thinking about what I NEED to do that day.....I should just get that note pad back to my table and write it down so I can go back to sleep. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it doesn't! When will I relax?! I seem to go off all the time.......

Happy Stitching, Happy Quilting!

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