Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cribbage And Applique....Not A Bad Day!

I had things to do today. So, by 10 am I was out the door.

Arrived at Stillwaters to pick up the folks mail. I had to do stuff for mom's client. Then I went to Art's and played cribbage. I lost both games! Not by much. He told me I hadn't changed...still whining! lol He took me out to lunch.

After that went to mom's and took care of the mail. What I needed to come in the mail...didn't. So, now I have to go back on Saturday. Since I took the key to their box, I have to return again on Monday to give them back the key.

I stopped off at Donna's and took the quilt I brought from QOV. She will cut the edges, and she might even sew the binding on. I'll stitch it down when she's done. She was busy working in her yard.

Headed home. Worked on my sourdough bread. I baked both and called my neighbor to come and get their bread.

I put my cross stitch stuff away...temporarily. Then went downstairs and made some stretch pieces for my cross stitch stuff.

I bought the elastic at Hobby Lobby the other day. I also bought the snaps. I thought they were garter pieces but they are actually clips. They will work great. I will use them on this fabric when I get it set up to start.

I then pulled out my applique stuff. I seriously need to get a couple eagles done for the QOV quilts. As I type this, a thunderstorm is going over head. I unplugged my computer...not wanting to go there! This is the second storm that has gone by so far today. First one was around 4 pm.

Back to my applique - I decided I better get the eagles done and also try to finish the quilt block for the group! I haven't even started it, so I need to get moving. I have all I need to work on it. The next meeting is Thursday, and it would be great to have it done by then.

The last part of the Beautiful Sea SAL is posted. I will do that before I go back to Katt's stocking! I want to have a "finish!" It will be great to have another project done. Still no clue what I will do with it....Any ideas?

I did get some Happy Mail! I received the cross stitch pattern "RED" and I also got some fabric to from Australia. I'll show a photo later - it's on my IG and I don't have it on my computer.

Have you ever had one of those days....when things go wrong and yet the time didn't go as fast as it usually does in a day? That's what it seemed like today. I was home at 2 pm and finished the snaps, then cleaned up a little.....and yet only 45 mins went by....then I started working on getting my applique.....not much time went by.....oh, my, what a SLOW day!

Happy Quilting....Happy Stitching!

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