Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Getting Ready and Walking in Circles

This morning I was over at Cherrills helping her with genealogy. I spent two hours on genealogy. It was so much fun! She's learning how to find the information - yet she has written a few books on her family. She's working on another line of her family. We both have Taylor's in our lines. We haven't connected them yet.

Came home and worked on the quilt. I finished putting the label on and washed it. I need to take a photo of it and will do that tomorrow.

While that was washing, I was walking around in circles. Trying to remember what I need to take with me, what I want to do....ugh.

I decided to make sure I got this ready to work on. So, I've started this piece. This is where the background stuff comes in. The photo shows it as blue but it's color is grey. I may go look for a blue to use instead of the grey. I'm not liking the grey right now.

I then went back to work on my genealogy and found that my 10th gr-grandparents with the name of Fales. They also had FISHER, FALES, BROCK, and others. I'm back to the 1600's with them. It's amazing to find that they are in the same time as John Adams as well as the others. My family may have helped with the constitution. I'm going to do more digging to see. I do see where there are a few cousins that married. Not really what we want to find in our family, but it's there. I did find one of my ancestors did have slaves. Wasn't thrilled to see that, but I know that was what happened in that day and age.

I realize people today get upset and really hate having that in their family. I look at it as being the that time of life. Today we are better and don't have slaves. At the same time, I think of how those who came from slaves are awesome strong people that came out of hard times. If one really looks at the way life is, over the centuries there have been a lot of hatred and wars that our ancestors were strong and got through. We wouldn't be here today if our family line wasn't as strong as it is.

Life is good, Happy Stitching - Happy Quilting!

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