Thursday, May 18, 2017

Happy Birthday To ME!

Today I enjoyed a little more sleep then usual. My folks called before I had to go to Cherrills. We had a good chat and they will be back on Wednesday. It will be good to see them again, since they have been gone a month and then some. They are also getting ready to get a dog. Guess my niece is going to train a puppy for them and then in Aug when they go back done they will have a dog. Should be interesting. At least it will get dad out and walking again.

I then went over to Cherrill's to find Ruth there as well. They set up a Birthday TEA for me. I loved it!! There was a Birthday cake and gifts. Cherrill game me a box with a tea cup, tea strainer and a tea bag holder. It's awesome! I love the colors! Ruth gave me flowers and a card with $5 in it. It was so fun! We sat, chatted, and ate cake. I brought home a lot of the cake. It was one of the best Birthday cakes I've had - and one of my best Birthdays!

I didn't think to take a photo of it before we ate some! It was so funny!

Then came home and had to run to moms. I had to pick up some stuff for her client and then go back to the house and drop off what he gave me. I also picked up her mail. Then I headed to Walmart (I KNOW RIGHT!?) I picked up the extra stuff we needed for our trip. It went great. I was able to get out of there in a good time.

Came home and found a package at the door. Was thinking it was from Katt, but it was from Phil and Emily. I got a beautiful Bonsai plant. It was fun to it out of the box. I love this plant! Now I just need to keep it alive. The funny part was my thought went to Japan remembering the saying of a Bonsai that is a gift, is the giftee's life tree. When the person dies, so does the tree. Should be interesting! lol

Then Katt called. We had a good chat. She was wishing me a happy Birthday. Her gift won't be here till next week. Told her not to worry, it happens. We chatted for quiet a while and I really loved hearing from her. I do miss her.

Patrick came home and we went to the casino for supper. I wanted to go somewhere different. The casino has new restaurants lately. They remodeled them. After some thinking, I just wanted to go to the Deli and that's were we went. It was really good!

Came home and worked on packing. It's getting there.

I'm getting behind on my projects, but hopefully it will get me back to being Happy Stitching, Happy Quilting!

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