Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hello Wednesday....Goodbye Quiet Time

This morning I was up and ready to go right after Patrick got up. I went to help Cherrill and an hour and a half past. She loves to chat. I was back home at 10:15 am . I had till noon, so I taped a video for my flosstube. After an hour later, and another 30 mins checking it out, it was time for me to go. I watched the video and hate it when my words come out before my mouth moves. I decided I'm going to have to re-do the video. I'll work on it tomorrow. Then I'll post it.

I was out the door at noon. Went to Rite Aid to see if they had some reader glasses that would work for my cross stitch. They had a pair that I think will work but they were $34 and $25 for them. They did have a special "buy one get one free" but I decided to try Walmart (ugh). So I went over t Walmart and got a cat brush and cat food. The reader glasses there were cheap and they didn't have the +3.25 that I was looking at. So, I decided to "think" about the cost.

After Walmart, headed to Copy Depot and made copies of the cross stitch designs that I am taking with me. I had them enlarged to 30% and the bigger part I had go to 50%. Now they are ready to go, I just need to fold them in a way that will work for me. I am going to work on that tomorrow. Plus I want to do an envelope bag for the project. They way I can keep them all together. I am going to take one of them with me on the plane - that's why I was looking for reader glasses.

Once I did that, I headed over to the quilt shop and told Kathy I wouldn't be going to the meeting tomorrow and I won't be able to make the next meeting. I also asked her if she would do the Christmas stocking when I'm done with the cross stitching. She said she would. I will give her the magazine with the pattern when I'm done. She does an awesome job of sewing!

Then I was off to mom's to walk over to my physical therapy. We went through a few things. We talked about how mom was supposed to do her exercises but quit. Then he worked on my back. Came home and within an hour we were off to bowling.

It was fun night at the bowling alley. Which put the end to our Wednesday night bowling. We had monte carlo and 9 pin no tap. I only won $2.50 all night. At least Patrick got $11. Our partners won $21. We had a great day!

Happy Quilting - Happy stitching!

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