Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Quiet Tuesday

Today is a quiet day. Did a lot of the same as yesterday.

Last night I had this much of the cross stitch done. It's slowly showing the flowers. The one thing about this kit I don't like is the way the floss is organized. I have to look at the pattern for the symbol, then look at the number that goes with the symbol, THEN check my list to see what color goes with the number.

This afternoon I was able to get quiet a bit done. It's starting to take shaoe. Now you can tell they are flowers.

We went out to eat today and I ordered the special - sirlion steak and shrimp. Steak was good. I will say people up here in the U.P. know how to cook a steak! As for shrimp, uh, nah. The shrimp I had was "fishy." plus I only got 2!! I couldn't help laughing over 2 shrimp!

Had to take a photo and send it to my daughter. Think she laughed harder than I did. Guess us Washingtonians are spoiled when it comes to shrimp and crab.

Patrick and I passed these deer on the way into town around noon. We passed them again tonight on the way back from supper. A mother with her two fawns.

If you think my Charlie is spoiled, you haven't met Max. This is Patricks mom holding Max, a good way back from supper. We drive an hr to the restaurant! Max knows howto enjoy himself.

This is a group shot of Patricks brother, Dennis, his wife Christine, myself, and Patrick. We all had a great time at supper tonight.

Patrick and I are taking another road trip around the U.P. Hopefully I'll get to a couple mre quilt shops, but that depends on Patrick. Lol

Looking forward to seeing quilt shops to be Happy Quilting!

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