Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Day at the Lake

Today we enjoyed a day at the lake. We boated out on Lake Michigan. Spent the day without our luggage. It's almost 11 pm and we are waiting for our luggage to arrive via taxi. I made Patrick go to Walmart and get mre me some underwear and shirts. Lol Just had to have a shower and clean clothes! Note to self, put change of clothes in carry on bag!

We were out at the lake having fun. We walked to the restroom and showers. I got a big kick out of the stalls! The wall has a slit were you could lean down and see the other stall. It was a taller slit then I'm used too. Funny what hits my funny bone! Been around Patrick too long.

Here's Patrick relaxing.

This is my father in law and neice having a great visit.

Patrick having a good visit.

Enjoying our boat trip. Dennis showed us around the Gladstone area via boat. Sue and Kayla went tubing.

Didn't get a chance to be Happy Quilting.

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

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