Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trip to Green Bay

We woke early today and headed to Door County. It was a day of driving more then anything. We did get a chance to get to Sturgeon WI. The was a quilt shop there. We made it in time! Barn Door Quilts. This shop reminded me of Sisters in Chehalis. More fabric then you have time to check out. I bought fabric and patterns. One pattern is for mom. She didn't have a lot of applique patterns. Actually there were only about 5 applique patterns.

Great place for a steak.

Most of the photos I took with my camera. So, I'm limited to what I can share today.

There were some really nice motels like this one. I loved the houses and motels around Door County. Well worth going, but found out one needs to plan for more time going there. Too much to see in a short time.

We went hiking to check out the sand dunes. We took a good 2 mile hike. We saw bear and deer tracks. I was keeping my eyes open for bears lol.

While we were in Ephrium, WI, I found these flowers that reminded me what my grandmother had in her yard in Seattle. These were so cool!

We stopped in Escanaba for supper. We had chicken. I thought this was interesting. Not that often you find a cat going after a bird while you eat.

I didn't get much of a chance to work on my cross stitch the last two days. Since i posted earlier today, I've been riding in a car. Lol I don't understand why retired people love driving for hours. Since I can't do anything but look out the window. Reading even gets me motion sick.

Looking forward to being Happy Quilting.

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