Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Day at Home

Good thing I didn't plan today. It was one of those days where laundry kept me busy. My daughter-in-law called to talk about family history, so that got me off on my family history again.

I pulled out letters from the past and copied a few. I entered them on the "Letters from the Past" blog that is listed here. I noticed that one of the letters was to my great great grandmother before she was married to my great great grandfather. (1870) I'm having fun reading these letters and see what my family did when they were around. My mother was from KS and when she was about 9 months old, her family came to Wallawa, OR. This was during the dust bowl era.

Laundry kept me busier than I thought it would. I thought about taking out Phillip's quilt and working on it, but that's about as far as that got.

While looking for this photo of Phillip's quilt, I realized I have a cross stitch picture to finish as well. That may be coming out to be worked on as well. Tomorrow is Friday, and as far as I know, I don't have any plans. I need to clean up some of my mess, but I'm almost thinking I'll go downstairs tomorrow and see where that takes me. I was checking out one of the new shows a friend of mine told me about, "The Mysteries of Laura." Surprisingly enough, I found I do like that show. A little comedy goes a long way. I need to get caught up on the NCIS shows too.

So it's the pits that today, I wasn't able to be Happy Quilting!

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