Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where Did The Day Go?

I had one of those days. And yet I was up early. I walked with my neighbor, then cribbage with my other neighbor, and then off to a friends house.

Today we worked on place-mats with the fabric I gave her before Christmas. We cut them to size, and she surged the pieces so she can wash them to see if they will straighten out. I was there for 4 hours and we still didn't get as much done as I hoped, but we did have a good visit. She fixed a gluten free pizza that was one of the better ones I've had yet. It was like crackers, and it tasted really good. We didn't have cheese on it, but with what she put on it, one didn't need the cheese.

When I got home, I had to go next door and see what messages my neighbor had on his phone, since he doesn't know how to work a cell phone. All he does is call and answer, anything else he is clueless.

I did work a little on the basket block for my guilt wall. I'm stitching down the wicker part of the basket, and that is going pretty fast. Then I will start working on the leaves again, as well as the flowers. The basket block from P3 Designs I'll work on tomorrow to see if I can get the first block done.

We bowled tonight, and I'm finding I'm getting competitive again. I'm working on bowling better, and getting my scores up. My average tonight went up another pin. I've also found out I've got the same attitude that the Seahawks have, - Your not done till it's over. We one the second gave because I didn't give up and it was up to Patrick and I to pull us out. Once I bowled two strikes in the ten frame, it gave Patrick a chance to win the game. He pulled it through and we won with 20 pins. Before we bowled we were losing by 30 pins. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow is "my day" and I'm hoping to be working on laundry, as well as quilting. I've got applique I can do, as well as quilt Phillip's little quilt. I haven't decided yet what I will do, but the time will tell tomorrow. Who knows I may go downstairs and quilt on the butterfly quilt to get that one finished next. I'm NOT planning on doing anything till tomorrow, because we all know what happens when I plan something! Crossing my fingers I'm doing some quilting tomorrow and Happy Quilting!

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