Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Day After Hospital Visits

Today was a day of waking up to a cold. Stuffed and can't talk. So, Patrick had to go with mom to get dad and bring him home.

While Patrick was gone, I had to get caught up on what needed to be done. The dishes needed to be put away, laundry was long over due, and I needed to figure out what my next projects would be. Yes, I did say project(S). I can't seem to stick with just one.

I got a lot done, even though I wasn't feeling that great. I pulled out the eagle wanted to get to work on getting it done. Then Donna text'd and said it was a working day on Tuesday and to bring the eagle to work on. I decided to go ahead and finish the wing anyway.

I finished the left wing and worked on the right after that.

It's not looking right, but when the shield is put on the body it will look great. I don't know why it seems to be a little off, b that happens more often then most think. When it is done, no one will notice, unless the shield is off center.

I'm not sure if I showed my embroidery thread I bought from Amazon. This was for the colors I figured I'd use along with the colors that I bought from P3 Designs. I do like the way the threads work for embroidery.

I basted more basket blocks to work on.

Now I have a few blocks to work on. I printed out the patterns for April, and they are really pretty. they also have a lot of French Knots. I like doing the french knots. I will be waiting to do the second block because of the small pieces, plus it's white, so I'm going to figure out what will work. I may need to have a white with a slight yellow or blue tint.

Chances are I'm going to head to bed here in a few minutes. But then again, I may t, I have a hard time getting myself to move. I have hot water waiting on me to do tea. That's been waiting about 10 minutes now, so who knows if I will get it. My noise is running - driving me nuts!

Good news is that dad is home and thrilled to be home. He's been doing fine at home. He did get some company, which I figured was going to happen. Patrick said he looked great and was talkative on the way home. Mom is mom, and all is well.

I went downstairs and made the bed that Katt stayed in. I also went to my projects and found to of them that I bought fabric for. I've got one ready to work on. I'm going to add a couple inches to the blocks, because a 67" x 67" quilt won't do for my bed. I don't know why people don't make bigger quilts anymore. I like having a quilt that goes over the sides. Otherwise Patrick and I are fighting for the quilt to cover us. AND trust me, we are not that big! If we were "huggers" at night, then it might work, but we tend to go to our own sides. lol  I'm having to figure out ways to make a quilt bigger with the patterns I'm given. I will probably take this pattern with me to retreat and work on it. If I get the blocks put together, and get the border started, it might go a little faster. It calls for black, and it really doesn't look black, and I'm thinking I will do a dark brown instead. I'm still thinking about it.

I decided I would start labeling my posts, so that if your looking for a special thing I'm working on, you can read all about it. I haven't gone through my older posts yet, but will try to do that for everyone as well.

Who knows, maybe in my dreams I'll be Happy Quilting!

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