Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Good Day...A Busy Day

Today started out sleeping in for a little while. After getting up, got ready for the quilt meeting at the shop. Even with all that "prep" work, I forgot my water and check book. I stopped off at Safeway and got a bottle of water (bigger size at a less price) and then went to Chehalis Deli to get a sandwich. I had to go to the doctors, so ended up getting lunch on the way to our meeting.

I arrived to find three other members already there. I was surprised because I'm usually the first one there. I arrive around 10:30 am. We had a good meeting. I borrowed the shops light box and marked 7 of my Bountiful Baskets blocks. I had to remark two of them because I had put the marks on the front of the block and not the back. Good think I use pencil! I basted one of the baskets on the block.

I had to leave early because of my doctors appointment. It was my one year check  up on my back. I was surprised that I was called into the office quickly. I was able to work on this block.

I had this much done by the time I left the doctors. I didn't get the best report though. Good news is that I go back in 3 years. Bad news is that if I don't exercise or keep active I will need back surgery. I have 4 of my "bones" not working together. If I can stay away from pain, I'll be fine. Not what I wanted to hear. Not what I was looking for. I had hoped I could leave the office with A+ report, and I got more like a C report. I'm going to keep doing what I need to do to keep away from surgery.

I will finish up this block. I don't know if I'll start another one or if I will work on more basting so I can get more applique done. Quilting at moms is tomorrow.

The folks left around 10 am this morning. They called to say goodbye. They will be back in a couple weeks.

I'll be busy tomorrow at moms. I'm looking forward to being Happy Quilting!

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