Thursday, April 16, 2015

An Awesome Sunny Day!

Today started out like a normal Saturday. Patrick took the day off and slept in. He's got tomorrow off as well.

My friend arrived around 10 am, just after Patrick got up and I got my shower. I cleaned up the kitchen. We spent the day downstairs working on the cases we've been working on for the past two months. These are going to the retreat.

This was the last of what was needed. We made 35 of them for the retreat.

I have these ready to go to the shop for them to put in bags or however they want to give them out.

She finished off the bookmarks to go with the cases. We do need to do 5 more, but she took them back with her. She forgot to bring the stuff she needed to finish them off. I may end up stopping off at her place on the way to retreat to get the last 5.

I told her she could use the serger and she said it needed to be re-threaded because it wasn't working right. I told her not to worry about it. I would do it later. Well, after she left, I found she took all the thread out! I hate threading that thing!! Plus I noticed the only thing wrong was the tension. So, I took 15 minutes to thread it. Ran it......nope, tension is worse......I can't seem to get the tension back right. So, I was noticing both my machine need cleaning and worked on. So, I told Patrick I would take the serger in in May and the sewing machine in June - after the retreat. That way whatever I do at the retreat can be cleaned up! lol

While I was waiting on her to sew the cases, I pulled out my Japanese doll block that needs to be done. I have it all ready to applique. I'm planning on doing this tonight. I have a few more things I need do for this quilt. I would love to have the blocks ready for putting them all together. As I was looking for a couple things I couldn't find, I found three blocks that I made. They are cowboy and cowgirl blocks that I started 20 years or more ago. I did them in blue and red. I'm going to see if Donna wants to try and use them in her QOV quilts. They aren't the best, as the fabric looks mixed.

Mom and dad came over so mom could baste the baby quilt for one of the nieces. We put it out on my cabinets. We both got it done in no time flat!

Found out - on Facebook - that my other niece is having a boy. Not sure what mom will do for that baby yet.

The sun is still out and awesome! This has been a great day for Patrick to work in the yard. He got a lot done. Not sure what he is going tomorrow. lol

As you can see, I'm still keeping busy, and getting more done. I'm hoping to get a lot more done, and having things to get ready for the retreat. I have a couple blocks I need to get done. One for the retreat and one for QOV block to give Donna at the retreat. UGH More work to do on stuff not mine. Happy Quilting!


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