Friday, April 10, 2015

Another Applique Day

Today I was able to play two games of cribbage with Art. It's been two weeks since I was able to go over. We both won a game, then I had to leave.

I had to leave early to mom's because she called last night asking me to pick up something to snack on for "breakfast." I bought some doughnut holes and picked up some Easter candy that was on sale. I dropped the candy off at Patrick's work. Told him it was a Thank You for putting up with me the last two weeks. He just laughed.

I then went to the folks house. Dad was looking great. He had breakfast with mom. I was able to have a good chat with both of them, since I haven't seen them in over a week.

I am happy to say, I finished the eagle for the Quilts of Valor. I sent a text to Donna showing her the block. We both agreed we didn't need to put "USA" on it. I told her she now has a center for her next quilt. I may have to do a couple more. I did enjoy working on this block. It was quicker and easier than it looks.

While we all were sitting at the table eating lunch there was a visitor in the backyard.

Amazing how the topics change when animals show up.

The deer enjoyed her stay. After awhile she left. We all hadn't see each other in a while, so it was a chatty meeting. We seems to do more chatting then we did working on our projects. It was one of those days were we met in the kitchen, chatted for a while. We worked on our projects about an hour or two, then went and had lunch. Our lunch took longer than usual. We all got up off the table around 1:30pm and most left after that. Two of us stayed and chatted with mom till 3 pm. Poor dad, he left us all alone and then fell asleep. I woke him up at 3 pm to say goodbye.

I got home, cleaned up, and then sat down to work on my basting projects.

I basted a few pieces on the Baltimore Liberty block #3. I had started to baste a couple more pieces on. I ended up taking a couple of those out, because I needed the pieces that go behind first. I'm having to figure out which pieces go first. Once in awhile I miss one. So, I put them in, take them out, till I get it right! lol

I was trying to figure out what I did with my leaf fabric. Since I couldn't find it (at the time), I put the petals in to work on. I must have looked all over the place, and then remembered I put the fabric with the pattern. Now I can get the leaf done and more on to the flower. Never fails! I also found myself looking for some green fabric that I used on the first two blocks of the Baltimore Liberty quilt. I still haven't been able to find it. I'm wondering if I gave it to mom to use on something. That would be my luck. I did look in my other projects to see if I put it there, but no, not there either. At this rate, some greens won't be showing up again in the rest of the blocks. Not to thrilled about that. I was hoping I had the fabric handy. Oh, well.

I'm happy to say, I'm getting there. I'm able to work on more of my stuff lately. I do have bowling all day on Sunday, but thankfully that will be the last time till Fall. I will be working on figuring out what I want to take to the retreat, and how much I want to have done by then.

In the meantime, I hope I'm not the only one that's Happy Quilting!

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