Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another Lazy Saturday....So I Thought

Today Patrick woke up wanting to go to the casino. So, off we went. Nope, didn't bring any money back. Then we got home, he decided to take his trailer of branches and scrubs to the burn pile. We drove over and dumped the scrubs and branches from the last wind blown weather. He added more from when he was out there trimming a few trees. Including the one in the front yard. After that, we came home again....and off he went for chlorine for the water well.

After supper I decided I really need to find the fabric that I used for my Baltimore Liberty blocks. I used so much of that fabric that it was driving me crazy!

That green polka dot fabric! I used so much of that in my block that I just couldn't accept the fact that I didn't have it in the house. My mind is going..."Did I let mom use it?.....Did I let someone else have some?....Why wasn't it with the other fabrics that I have with these patterns?.....WHAT WAS I THINKING???.....What the heck did I do with it?!!

Okay, got tired of wondering and decided to go looking for it on line. Of course I "Bing'd" it. I would put "yellow/green polka dot fabric," "moda fabrics," "green dot fabrics," and what ever else I could figure out. I went to, as well as a few other sites. I used to have an envelope of quilt shops that I shopped at when I needed something. Nope, that was on the "old" computer. I usually don't buy fabrics, because I do BELIEVE I have way too much as it is. Specially since I do applique. Plus between mom and I, there is way too much fabric! Okay, I decided to just check out Connecting Threads for the fabric I'm looking for.....WOW! There it was! At least it looks like the fabric. I remembered the design and sure enough the design is the same! Of course, I can't just buy that one piece of fabric! I found more fabric that looked pretty and would work on the baskets......yep, I bought more fabric! What was I thinking?! Heck if I know, I was looking and "liking" what I saw! So, now I have about 5 other fatquarters coming with the 1/2 yard of fabric I was looking for! Didn't learn a thing....did I?!

This is one of the blocks I worked on last night. I realized after I did them, that all the purple pieces were supposed to be one piece and not 5 different pieces. I'm trying to decide if I want to take it out, and chances are I will. The tear drops go over this. I was thinking of putting all the tear drops together as one piece but this flower needs them to be tear drops. Ugh, all that work I did last night to find out all I had to do was look at the pattern before I started with the flower. Oh, well, we all learn something from time to time.

I forgot to post my photos on my photo page, so updated that today. Not a lot of photos, but will add more as I start going out to take photos.

Tomorrow is bowling on the travel league. I'll be gone most of the morning and back in the afternoon. Not sure if I will be able to get a few stitches in when I get home. We'll be heading out again for our night bowling. We went and got my bowling ball today. Forgot I was bowling twice tomorrow. Remember on Friday and that didn't do me any good.

As I sit here, thinking of what I just spent money on, I'm hoping they will work in my baskets and Liberty quilt. I need to go downstairs and get a white fabric for the center of my flower. I want to mark a few more blocks and get the baskets basted so I can get started on more flowers. My mind is off and racing....all about quilts.....which leaves me Happy Quilting!

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