Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Enjoying The Day

Today I was skunked in cribbage. That's okay because I haven't been skunked in over a month. lol

I left at a good time to go to our Mt. St. Helens quilt group. I actually got a lot done today. I worked on the Brazilian embroidery piece. I had some threads "hanging" from the piece. I had left them like that while I was in the class. I worked on one thread and was given anther one.

I will work on the other leaves later this week. I'm happy to say I get to stay home the rest of the week so far. It's going pretty fast. I did send an email to our teacher to see where to buy the threads and other things I need.

I worked on this as well. I worked on the flag while at the meeting. It was pretty easy and went really fast.

After I got home I finished the flag. I also worked on the feet (that I wasn't going to do) and the wings. I basted the leaves on at the meeting. I took out the flower center piece last night and basted the outer and center piece of the flower. Now I just need to work on the flower as well as the leaves. The grapes will come later. I want to get most of it done before I do the grapes. There is embroidery on this block as well. The good news is that I have enough to do it with.

We're still waiting to see how my mother-in-law is doing. Prayers need to go out for her. It's not sounding good at all. Please keep Judy Wiltzius in your prayers as well.

I've been enjoying my time with these blocks. I will get back to the baskets tomorrow as well. I will be going back and forth like I have been.

Tonight we start another bowling league for a short time. It's the 9-pin-no-tap league. Should be fun, since I always get 9 pins when it doesn't strike. I'm looking forward to it. May you be as happy as I am Happy Quilting!

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