Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Feeling Better, Back to Quilting!

This morning was the first time in over a week that I felt better. My ears are popping, but that normal considering. I'm in a good mood - woo hoo - and find myself tiring easily. That's okay, that's part of being sick for a week.

I went downstairs just after getting up and turned the fireplace on. Yes, it's still cool downstairs. I didn't want to take a chance of betting worse instead of better.

I decided to spend some time working on the Butterfly quilt that was given to me for being President of the local guild. This is about 10 years old or older. I filled in a few areas here. This side is ready for me to roll.

I worked on this area as well. This area is the middle of the quilt. I was able to get quiet a bit done in this area as well.

I have to do a few more markings. I have this ready for rolling, but till have half the size of the quilt to quilt before I can do that.

I added a couple more stitches in this area. I've been outlining the antennas and grass. I was thinking of doing the cross hatching in this area. Then I decided not to.

I was able to get more cross hatching in here as well. It is also to the point of rolling. I still need to get more stitches on the right side of the quilt before I'm ready to roll it. If I do, that will get me a at the half way point. I really need to work on the quilt more. Not sure why I don't go down there and quilt.

I was getting ready to come up stairs, and realized I needed to cut more black and white fabrics for Katt's black and white checker board quilt.

I pulled out the white fabric and cut more pieces for the quilt. I have a lot of the white and black prints done. I need to cut more of the black and white prints to balance out what I have in white and black fabrics.

I started out with the checker board fabric.

By the time I finished (got tired of cutting), I had more white and black done.

I decided I better come back upstairs, since I needed to rest awhile if I wanted to get over this cold. I came up and played games, then I pulled out my notebook of baskets.

I basted this flower on this block. I have a lot of blocks waiting for me to applique, so I think I may try and get some done tonight. Patrick thought I better stay home tonight instead of going bowling. So, I'm sitting here typing this instead of waiting till I get back. I'm looking forward to getting some me applique done tonight. IF all goes well, I'll feel good enough to go quilting tomorrow.

I have several blocks ready with leaves basted on. Once I get those done, I should be getting flowers done and then the embroidery. I am loving the embroidery part.

As I look over at the applique projects I have sitting out, I need to finish the eagle since I didn't go to the QOV meeting in Olympia. I will be going next month. Hopefully at the retreat we can put that quilt together for the June meeting. I may try to get another eagle done before then too, or I may just keep hoping I get another one done by then.

I've been pretty lucky being sick this week. I actually got more applique done in that time, than I have all month. Funny how that happens. It's called, tired of being sick! It's also called, tired of doing Nothing! The more I see, the more I want to get this done. The faster my brain runs, hoping to getting all this done....I seriously need to slow that brain down! I think it can be done in "no time," and then find out it takes a heck of a lot longer than I think. I need to quiet thinking!! (Nah, too easy!) I'll just sit here and be Happy Quilting!

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