Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finished - Spring Cleaning - Quilt Room

Today was my day to finish up what I started. I found more things I've been looking for and I found things I forgot I started. Overall it was a good thing I did my spring cleaning!

I started the day off playing cribbage and won 3 games. Then came home and put the fireplace on so I could work on my quilt room.

Was down to this much of a mess on the cabinet.

And more on my quilt frame.

I started on the boxes that were out of place.I cleaned up the quilt frame. Then I hit the cabinet and put all my mess away. I did put the Affairs of the Heart quilt that needs to be quilted and the quilt I found the other day on the cabinet for me to work on.

I wanted to keep the cabinet as clean as I could. I added a few things to the peg board.

I moved my quilt frame closer to my sewing table. That way I can move it when I work on it. The bigger boxes against the wall have a quilt that I'm machine quilting (forgot I had). The other box has my genealogy in it. I can pull stuff out as I go. The serger is there as well. I took my "white" sewing machine to the pantry since I haven't used it in years. I should think of selling it or trading it in, but not there yet.

I have the cutting board working great at the end of the table. My guilt wall is working with stuff I need to get done. That's why I call it "guilt wall." I guilt myself into getting them done! lol

Last night I finished this block. I would have used brighter fabrics but the others are on the "dark" side compared to what I would do. I think it turned out pretty good. Now I have 12 blocks. I need to figure out what I'm going to do next. Still trying to decide if I want to make the other smaller blocks. May do it anyway to see if they can go into this quilt.

Last night I hand pieced the football pieces on these blocks. I'll add them to the rows I have already done - on the guilt wall. This is a Variation Nine Patch pattern. I always liked the looks of it. I'm hoping that the extra fabric in the box is enough to make a big enough quilt. I've even been thinking of doing the boarder with applique. - Just thinking!

I made some mini pies. I did both blueberry and apple. It took a little while to figure out how I wanted to do the pie crust. I finally figured it out when I did the apple ones. I was surprised at how well they turned out!

While I was waiting to bowl tonight, I checked out Karen's blog. I checked out another blog - The Road to Oklahoma. Awesome blog and adding her to my blog list. I enjoyed seeing her star quilt. It is awesome! I don't do much piecing, but I do appreciate a pretty quilt! Well worth reading.

Tomorrow is another quilt meeting. It's Haven't Missed A Stitch group. I have a doctors appointment in the afternoon up in Olympia, so I'll have to leave early. Wish I could stay longer. I will take my book of baskets and work on those. It would be easier to do the baskets then it would to take some of my other blocks. I still have to baste some pieces on my other blocks.

I bowled pretty good tonight! I bowled 183, 181, 193. More where I want to be. I'm getting more relaxed with my ball. I'm not happy I didn't get a 600 series this year, but part of that was the old ball, and getting used to the new one. I'm comfortable now, so it will help when we start back up in September.

Looking forward to quilting with the group tomorrow and being Happy Quilting!

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