Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meeting Day

Today was our Mt. St. Helen's group meeting. I got up early (right after Patrick) and got ready to do my runs on the way. I took the bookmarks and Kleenex cases to the quilt shop. Wanted her to have them before the retreat. I still need to get the other 5 from Rose. She was thrilled to get them. We talked about the retreat. Found out Donna and I were close to the bathroom area, and Donna didn't like that anymore than I did. So, I asked to be moved to the other end of the floor. Donna and I were text'ing back and forth about what we will be doing for our room. We have a night of decorating the room and another night of "dressing up." The dressing up is in any "era" that we want. I'm not sure I have anything but will think about what I have.

After the visit with Evelyna, I headed to the meeting. I was happy to say I worked on the Baltimore Liberty block. I did get a lot done. I need to work on more basting. Had a good visit with the group. Missed Betty. I had her stuff for her but she wasn't there.

Found out today that moms Uncle passed last night. They are trying to get the funeral for Saturday. Mom and dad are leaving for Vegas, so chances are it won't stop them from going. I think dad should wait, but he really wants to go. They will be driving. So, I'm hoping they aren't expecting me to fill in for them. I'm getting tired of making excuses for why they haven't been attending funerals for family members.

Last night I worked on the pincushion I had unfinished.

I decided it needed to be finished. Can NEVER have too many pincushions.

It's a small one so it will be here at my chair since the other two I was using was too small.

Got my fabric in today. This is the fabric I ordered from Connecting Threads. When I got it, I was disappointed because the green (first one) was NOT the same color as the leaves I was using on my blocks. I had a feeling that would happen. So, while talking to mom today, I was telling her of what I was looking for. Then it hit me! I went downstairs while she was on the phone, and pulled out the box that had a sticker on it "Baltimore Liberty fabrics." Guess what was in that box!! Oh, yeah! I found the fabric. After a month of looking, sure enough it was there. UGH

After supper today, I went downstairs for an hour and worked on the quilt room. It's getting there. I have the cabinet almost cleared off. I need to vacuum when I'm done. I have to move the quilt frame back. I'm happy with the way it's going. I found scissors I forgot I had and scissors I couldn't find. I had more threads that I don't use and put them in a jar. I cleaned out the basket on the cabinet. I moved my magazines into the spare bedroom closet. I put the empty boxes into the cabinet. I even threw out a few things. I found yet another UFO that I need to finish. I have more fabric to roll on the boards. I think I'm running out of the boards.

Two more meeting this week. Next week I have one.  I can't wait for the Thursday and Friday group to be one a week again. The quarter should be over soon. I seem to have them back to back more often then usual.

Tonight I'm going to finish the Japanese doll block. I'm not too crazy about it, because it's dark. I wanted bright but bright wouldn't go with the other blocks. So, I think. Happy Quilting!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

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