Friday, April 17, 2015

Remembering a Trip to Maine

Today was a day of shopping. I went next door and played cribbage with Art while Patrick slept in.

Patrick and I washed the truck and car. I even vacuumed out the truck.

It went really fast considering. We spent a couple hours doing both the car and truck. Then Patrick decided we would go to Cabela's to get me some shoes. My shoes are dirty and old. My boots are for the winter and not for the summer. He was thinking I was being an idiot wearing them now. I love them! lol

While we were traveling to Olympia to Cabela's, we passed a Volvo wagon. It reminded me of a good friend, Rose Irvin. We were in High School together and she lived across the street from me at Ft Meade. She had three brothers, John, Les, and Mitchel. One year her parents asked me if I would like to go to Maine and visit Rose's grandmother. One of her brothers (I think it was Les) wasn't going and they had room for me if I would like to go. I was all for it! Couldn't wait! So, we all packed into the car, with Mitchel sitting up with his parents in the front seat. I can't remember the town we went to, but I do remember being right off the ocean. Her grandmother's place was literally across the street from the ocean. We walked down the street to the shops that sold lobsters and seafood. It was awesome! Anyway, on the way back, we were on the NY parkway when one of the luggage bags fell off the top of the wagon. Rose's dad pulled over on the medium and we rushed out to pick up all the clothes off the road. The cars rushed by and her dad was yelling for us to get back in the car before we got hit. We picked up as much as we could and ran back to the car. Rose's dad stopped at a store shortly after that, and we were waiting on him in the car. I think Mrs. Irvin was in the car with us. We were laughing and talking about what we just went through, when Mitch spit his soda out all over the front window! A minute went by with no one saying a thing, then Mrs. Irvin called him by his full name. We all burst out laughing from there. She cleaned the window the best she could by the time Mr. Irvin got in the car. We laughed and talked about the whole trip all the way home. I believe it was a 5 hour drive. When I was thinking about that, it made my day! I miss those days, and I miss not being able to chat with Rose like we used to. Unfortunately, John passed away at the age of 50, (six years ago). Mr. and Mrs. Irvin passed away two years ago. He died in April and she in July. I do miss them.

I bought a pair of shoes. We also had to make a trip to Sears because our dryer is going out. It's making noise that is not good. Patrick didn't want to spend a lot of money on a dryer, so we went to Sears. The one I wanted would be 2 weeks out in coming. I didn't want to buy it right then, so we came home to see what I could find online. I found the dryer online. I found a Kenmore that is under $500 that will work for me. I also hooked my ebates in on it, so hopefully I will have $26 back in ebates. PLUS it had free delivery. The store told me we had to have a Sears card to get free delivery. So, now I have free delivery and it will be here Monday. Go figure! According to the store, I would have to pay for delivery or come get it, and it wouldn't be in till Wednesday at the earliest. Guess which way I went!

I have been working on the Japanese doll. I started on the head, then realized the head was supposed to be the second one, not the first one. Oh, well, left a space and placed the dress down. I've been working on it. I did most of the work on the doll last night. Hoping to get a lot more done tonight.

I wish I basted it down first, instead of using the freezer paper, but OH WELL. I will continue to do this. I thought at the time that it would be too much time to baste it and then appliqueing this down. With big pieces I really need to rethink this the next time I do big pieces. I don't like poking myself with the pins this way. I think that is way I like back basting. This would not work with back basting because of the size of the piece. I do not recommend back basting large pieces. They don't lay down right as they are appliqued down. Moving don't help and one ends up taking part of it out to fix the problem. So, I'm okay with this right now. It won't take long to do this.

Things are looking up. Looking forward to getting this done and moving back on the cross stitch and baskets. I also need to figure out a block for the retreat.....still Happy Quilting!

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