Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spent the Day with Dad at the Hospital

Today I went to see dad at the hospital around 9 am. Mom didn't want to go till the afternoon, so asked Patrick to bring her to the hospital. It was his last day off. I got to the hospital and they were just giving him his breakfast. He was hungry for food. He didn't eat much, just had a banana and some juice. They even forgot to check with him for lunch. So, by 3 pm he was really hungry. They gave him crackers. Because his temperature as up, he was going for xrays, and taking a few tests. They came and got him about 3:30 pm when I left. I told the nurse to make sure he got his supper.

Harley (Katt's cat) was hiding, she didn't want to leave today. Katt to Harley and left after I did to go back home to Pullman. 

Got a kick out of Harley. She's a busy cat. She also loves to go after plants! I don't know how many times I had to move my plants or yell at her to get her away from them. 

Remember the other day, when I went to Donna's house? When I looked for at least a half hour for the eagle patterns that Jeannie Austin made?!? Well, guess what I found! And three guesses where I found the patterns! Oh, yea! In the draw that I THOUGHT they were in. Oh, yea, they were there!

Here's two patterns I got from Rose and Donna. Rose doesn't do quilts - yet - and Donna said she had the pattern for a long time, doubting she would make it. So, I know how two patterns I can think about doing. 

This is the floss I bought from P3 Designs. I love the colors, and I did order more from Amazon, but haven't got them in yet. Yes, the background is yellow, because I took a photo of it on my notebook that has the basket blocks and it's yellow. 

My eagle is coming along. I finished the first wing. I'm working on the second one, but decided I would not take it with me to the hospital. It's too big and bulky to take along. So, I put it downstairs and left it there on the counter. 

These are the blocks that I did at the hospital - not sure about the middle one though. I have been working on the flower for the first block. 

I have two more petals to do and then I get to do the embroidery. 

We went bowling tonight. I didn't do that good, but think the first two games my mind was wondering all over the place. 

I was checking out some "quilt blogs" on Bing. I was enjoying reading a few stories from the different blogs. I enjoyed checking out the photos in Humble Quilts, and reading Collector With A Needle. Collector with A Needle is doing what I'm doing when it comes to putting our BOM blocks in a notebook. She goes one more step up with having the tools in the binder as well. These two blocks are interesting and I'm planning on reading more. I did find a couple more blogs but was disappointed that they no longer seem to be blogging. OR they posted over a month ago. 

I'm off to see dad tomorrow at about 11 am with mom. She doesn't want to go too early, and wants to get back early. So, I'll probably go with Patrick after he gets off work. In the meantime, I will take my basket blocks, and keep up being Happy Quilting. 

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