Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning - Quilt Room - Day 2

I can call it progress.....I'm getting there. I think I was nuts when I thought I would do an overhaul of my quilt room. I will say, I am glad I did. I hate all those spiderwebs.

Of course this is where I started today....

I cleaned out my buckets. One has my cross stitch and floss stuff. The other has been emptied. I was surprised at how easy it was to empty the bucket. I also cleaned them up by washing them.

Since I was going through all my boxes as I was deciding what to do with them, it took longer. I found a few more UFO's that I completely forgot I had.

This was one of the blocks I was talking about. It's used with really light material. The more I look at them, the more I'm thinking I will throw them away. I don't think the fabric will last a couple washes there so thin.

I'm loading this up for the retreat. There are three different projects in there. The green has some blocks that are 5 patches. The rest of the block is there also. I need to finish up the blocks and then I can put them all together. I think it will go fast at the retreat if I do them. The red blocks are blocks that I embroidered years ago of snowmen. I was doing two different sets for my two nieces on my hubby's side.

And then there is this one.

I found the pieces for this quilt. It is all hand pieced. I have pieces all marked and ready to be put together. So, this is another project I can work on at night or take with me. I completely forgot about this one and the one in the box that is green. Of all things - more things to work on!

I cleaned out my sewing cabinet. When I mean cleaned out - I mean took everything out and washed it down. I decided I will put things in as I go. I need to put stuff in there that I will be using when sewing.

As the day has gone by, I am happy to say I'm getting closer to being done. I'm amazed at how many containers/boxes that I have emptied. I put the variation of the nine patch on my guilt wall. Maybe the more I see it the more I will grab it to work on.

I was thinking of putting my sewing machine cabinet here. After talking with Patrick and telling him what I would like to do, he and I agreed to put it back where it was. There is a change though.

It's going to face this way. That way I can at least see the TV when I'm sewing. The quilt frame is going to be in front of this as well. There will be room between the table and the quilt frame to get around. I have a lot of "stuff" on the cabinet now to put away. I have gone through my magazines and put a few off to the side to give away. I have also gone through my copies of patterns. I've thrown out a few and keeping others. I found old time applique patterns that I think would be awesome to make. So, I guess going through all this "stuff" I found things I can do without buying more books or patterns.

I took a lunch break today and went out to take photos of the flowers in the yard. I just love the flowers.

Check out my photo page for more pictures. In the meantime, enjoy my photos.

While I'm enjoying our flowers I'm still Happy Quilting!


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