Monday, April 6, 2015

Staying Home...Even When I Don't Want To!

I had the worst night so far last night. My head hurt. I was hot and cold all night. Patrick probably didn't get much sleep with me tossing and turning. I just can't sleep when my noise is "plugged." Drives me nuts. I can handle a sore throat but can't deal with my noise not working right! lol

I slept in for a little bit, then I got up and relaxed watching TV. I watched the last of The Musketeers and Forever. I like Forever. I still need to go back and pull out the NCIS LA & the new one. After a morning of relaxing, I headed downstairs.

Thanks to my cousin, I have a bag full of scraps. These are awesome scraps! I started pulling them out of the bag and organizing them.

I decided to iron and put them in groups. This group is the strips. These strips will work great for a QOV quilt. I may do a strip quilt or even use the strips in a QOV quilt.

I also pulled out some smaller pieces and will use them on my Baltimore Liberty quilt. I love the strips and it will work great for the big firecrackers that I have in the blocks. I can do half the crackers with this strip and the other half can be the stripe I started with.

Another set of blocks that I can use for quilt blocks.

I had a lot of strips by the time I was done. This will work great. I may use some with the eagle block I'm appliqueing. Time will tell, I may take my strip basket with me to retreat. It should make sewing fun! Chances are I'm not going to do a lot of applique work, but I will be doing a lot of sewing.

After a little over an hour, this is how much more I have to do. I'm loving going through the bag! Here scraps are good size scraps! I'm ironing them and I'm thinking as I iron, what I can do with the fabrics. They are perfect for my Baltimore Liberty quilt. I'm in Heaven! 

I did pull out another basket block, and started appliqueing another basket on. While I was downstairs, I looked for "light" pink or yellow. I found a couple that may work, but I may have to check out a quilt shop for the light colors that look white with a tint of the color I'm looking for. Not looking forward to shopping, as I have plenty of fabrics. I did find pinks in my box. I actually pulled the fabrics out of my box and found more pinks then I thought I had. So, now I can work on the pink flowers in the baskets. I need to mark 7 more blocks for baskets and flowers. I'm happy with the how things are looking. 

I keep looking at the BL block and think I need to work on the pieces I have down, ready to applique. My mind goes from one project to another and back. Then it takes a turn and remembers something else I need to do....ugh. 

I just saw a kid on TV trying to save the elephants. First thing that comes to mind - parents put them up to it.....ugh. 

Back to projects. Try to go back downstairs and iron the last of the bag of scraps. Then figure out where I need to keep them or even what I will do with them. I like this basket set, because I can see me using up a LOT of scraps when it comes time to put them together. I've got ideas of what I can do to make the quilt bigger. I measured 69" on the queen size bed downstairs, and figured out I need to have it 80" or more. One of my patterns is 79" x 79" - what's with square quilts?! - and it should work okay. That is another quilt that has fabric but hasn't been started yet. I have two quilts like that. Or actually, two quilt patterns with the fabric - not started.

Okay, noise is driving me crazy again, so will wish everyone Happy Quilting. 


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